This Isn’t Racist But Help Black Valentine’s Day

Once in a while we come across some weird stuff on the internet.  And if there’s one thing I know, I’m pretty sure both Paul and I do NOT like Valentine’s day.   It’s pointless.  Annoying.   And you have to spend tons of money for no reason!  But we do appreciate what Virgin Mobile is doing right now.

It’s called Black Valentine’s day and no it’s not a racist thing.   We urge you to try this out.   Trust me, it’s fun.

In order to participate you have to like their Facebook page, click here, but luckily I created a preview or you…

Unlike Valentine’s Day Button:

Virgin Mobile is creating the first-ever “unlike” button on Facebook. This tab gives haters of Valentine’s Day the only place on the internet where you can actually UNLIKE Valentine’s Day

Loveless Notes to V-Day:

Fans can be creative with their disdain for Valentine’s Day by sending out a wall-posted break-up letter to the crappy holiday

Relationship Status Changer:

Screw “In a Relationship”!

A unique wall post for the proudly uncommitted, this feature will allow fans to imitate Facebook’s “relationship status”

Why Are You Uncommitted?

This feature is a place for folks to share and vent on their anti-commitment sentiments, bad breakup stories and philosophies of the happy and single

Black Valentine’s Day Anthems Poll:

Choose from breakup hits that include Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” and Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo”. Vote on your favorite single anthems

Black Valentine’s Day Gift Sender:

Send an e-card inspired wall post for your fellow Valentine’s Day hating friends.

Not sure what you’re waiting for, click here to come join me in the fun of ripping on Valentine’s Day.


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