A Quick Word on Commenting

We get quite a few comments on this site on a daily basis.  For the most part we let things slide.   You can pretty much say what you want to say and we’re OK with that because we value opinions.   With the exception of using excessive profanity, go ahead and write what you want to write.

However, for the record, there are a few things that Paul and I as writers utterly can’t stand.   Three of them come to mind.

1.  The one word/phrase comments with obvious spamming intentions:  Stuff like “Nice Article” or “Good Stuff” when you use a link in your signature is not going to cut it on this site.   Looking for cheap traffic but using our comment section isn’t cool.  If you want to promote your site send an email.  I think that’s pretty fair.

2.  The “I hate you” stuff.   I’ve received comments before that say things like “You suck Nattyb” or “Awful.”  Hey I don’t mind if you hate me but at least explain yourself.   If you really read the article then you have to have some kind of opinion.  We know not everything we write is great and hell, maybe I do suck, but at least give a reason for it.

3.  Pure criticism and no explanation or thought:  We get these ALL the time.   Paul and I take time to write some articles and whenever we leave something out it’s like the world ended.  “You missed this guy!” or “I can’t believe you forgot.”  OK that’s fine.  We get that.  But how about the other 10 things it took us to research on that list?  If you guys can do better than send us your own article!  We’d be happy to post it.


Comments are appreciated  🙂

  • piperjedi

    I personally think you guys do a great job and I agree with all of your points mentioned above. Since I found your site 2 years ago I read it every morning and for the most part enjoy pretty much every article with the exception of the Pokemon stuff but that’s just me 😉

    anyway, please keep up the good work cause really you have one of the best blogs out there for guys like me!

  • Kazeno


    I kid, don’t hurt me. This is long over-due, scrolling through 90% troll comments to find the pearls of awesome can be the only frustrating experience with this epic site you and Paul maintain so well.

    Bravo sir.

  • Nice article but hate you.

  • mmmadsir

    Are you actually trolling your commenters? If you are then kudos, I like a little satire. If not…wow. Points 1 and 2 seem fair enough, but Point 3? Seriously? “Please don’t criticize us unless you also praise us for our good stuff!” Could you be just a little bit more whiney? Though upon reflection I suppose I’ve fallen within the confines of your desperate plea so “Mission Accomplished! Yay, team Unreality!” Seriously though, what kind of sad, desperate bastard reads these comments as anything other than a momentary reflection of the commenter’s transitory impression of a passing glimpse of…you get the idea. Calm the fuck down and stop desperately fishing for affirmation.

  • JZ

    Boo hoo. Welcome to the internet. If people can click a like button to express their enjoyment, a brief statement to express disappointment isn’t a crime.

  • bud the chud

    I like turtles.

  • JB

    Def agree with your points. Most commenters on this site are better then most other sites though which is why I like to come here. But you did miss point 4. “Dont post spoilers in the Game of Thrones reviews” haha. Great job though guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Gank

    You folks could use an all around better comments section. With a way to use Avatars, and a rating system. It’d make more of us bother, and less us of us use such throwaway comments.

  • Edzone

    @mmmadsir You’re not wrong there. I lot of these points are valid but they say that people can’t help them because of all the hard work they put into everything. I love this site but the majority of things on it are links to better run and funnier sites or pictures that have already been posted on Reddit, 4chan, FaggyJunk, The Daily What and a lot of other sites. This site only takes precedence over The Chive.
    This site is only respectable because of how polite and non-offensive its writers and contributors are. I lose a lot of respect for it because of all the fucking adverts on it. I don’t want to be scammed out of £100 by buying “The number 1 trick to make teeth white discovered by a single mother!”
    And I don’t want to go on Mgid, I fucking hate it! I don’t want to have to click through 5 pages to look at a different picture to the one that is advertised.
    Also, if the site wants people to stop telling them what they’re missing, they should stop making constant spelling errors.
    I hate it when people say the examples in point 1, I’ve never seen anyone say “I hate you” to anyone on this site. Although if you’re going to spend ANY amount of time on the internet, make sure you can handle being disliked by someone without a face, if you can’t go on /b/ without crying then don’t enter it’s overflowing idealistic world of the internet. I do not hate anyone on this site, BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE THEIR FUCKING 50,000 FOLLOWER ON FACEBOOK!!!

  • Edzone

    There are two goddamn adverts included in my comment, this is how desperate this site is to make money. I come on here everyday and am always disappointed with the boring shit that is on here, it’s good to read reviews on games and films. Even though the reviewers rarely appreciates why a game is good or bad because they’re not a gamer, and they think all films are shit because they’re not The Godfather. There better not be an advert linked in this comment, I give this comment a 3/10 because I don’t like comments like this, therefore no-one else will otherwise why are they even on this site?

  • MurderBot

    I can’t believe you forgot to mention all those guys who hijack a thread with their political or religious commentary, YOU SUCK NATTYB!

    Good article apart from that though, you should check out this other cool article at ww…….

  • B-radster

    Woooow. Ok.

    There will always be endless debates on free speech. One comment above me essentially said you can’t control what people say on the internet, and it’s stupid to ask. So….then why are you telling NattyB to not say anything? Pretty sure he can write what he wants to. It is the internet, after all, just like you pointed out. Debating free speech is pointless, but it’s his website. He can ask whatever he wants.

    The person complaining about adverts must be that same damn person who complains about advertising on youtube. He/she must be 12, because apparently he/she has no idea what it’s like to have to SPEND money to keep anything up on the internet. Remember, it originates SOMEWHERE. There’s no magical space above your head that the website sits and is free to host just like the air you breath. The internet’s ease of use has approached that of air, so apparently everyone thinks it should be free too. They need money for operations and — god forbid — profit! Gasp! Would you like to get paid nothing for what you do? There are 2 ways to get money from destination websites (not apps or programs, not store websites): charge visitors, which only works for porn, or, you can get advertising. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing. All advertising. Let these guys make their money or come up with a zero-cost way to create and power servers. And feed people.

    Really didn’t want this to be a rant. Wanted to say, love the website. I have had article ideas but I cannot find any direct contact information on this website. Who do I send to?

    (By the way, there are lots of spelling/grammatical errors. A way to fix that would be great)

  • First?


    I haven’t seen too much of what was talked about in the article but I don’t comment that often either. However, when I do post and/or read the comments, they’re generally well written and pretty much exhibit decent behavior. It’s sad that this article has to be written but, in full disclosure, I’ve definitely written one or two of the “you forgot so and so” or “OMGROFL THIS IS SOOOO OLD TROLLOLOLOL”. Not often, but I’ve done it, but I’ll try to be more conscientious in the future.

  • ThisGuy

    All this pokemon shit is getting kinda old.

  • Nick

    I think this site is right on point with what I want to be reading with the exceptions of Pokemon (prefer to reduce by 50%) and Starcraft (don’t know/care, but hey, I’m sure some people don’t like LA Noire and Game of Thrones). I think a way to allow commenters to have an avatar/rating system would be neat, but you’ve got a good thing here and you don’t want to start letting the inmates run the asylum…. or however the saying goes.

    I have no complaints about advertising. I sort of thought that people learned how to overlook those things as a matter of course. I barely noticed them … wait… “register to win a 2011 Venza”!? I’ll be right back…

    Keep up the good work.

    Btw, my girlfriend and I alreadly called dibs on Khaleesi/Khal Drogo costumes for Halloween. Awesome.

  • Drester

    This article reminds me of a spoiled fat kid who sometimes has to eat his vegetables. You’re privileged that you don’t live in the slums of the internet were you eat shit.

  • Edzone

    @B-radster I’m sick of people who call each other 12 year old’s when they lack the the skills to come up with a real opposing view why don’t you just call me a “newfag” and get it over with, you can’t insult someone by saying “oh I bet this cunt says so and so on YouTube”, when you just used the most common insult of that website. I appreciate everything you say in your comment but you just didn’t understand what I was saying IN THE SLIGHTEST. I have nothing against the site making fucking money, I’d just don’t like seeing adverts FOR EVERY SINGLE FUCKING WEBSITE THAT HAS NO MONEY ITSELF. I apologize that I, unlike you, don’t love every little thing this planet has to offer, this website could use a lot of improvements, but you’re hardly going to say that if you think you’ll be accepted to sumbit articles for this site.
    If you along with the rest of the internet want to DECLARE FREE SPEECH then accept my comment, pipe down and shit off.

    I wish you the best of luck becoming a new writer for this site you silly sausage. CAPITALS!!!

  • TA

    I like your list. Strictly negative criticism rarely contributes to the conversation. Great website.

  • Joy Division

    I miss Madison

  • anonymous

    It’s your eyebrows. There I said it.

  • You mean my eyebrows? That’s more likely.

    Anyway, I didn’t write this post, but a few of my own thoughts about it and the comments.

    1) We need ads to make money as I do this for a living. Laugh if you want, but it’s not easy to build a site that gets 3 million page views a month. We try to make the ads as non-intrusive as we can.

    2) We write as much original content as we are able, but there’s a limit on how many words one can write in a day. I also write across three other sites every day. It’s tough to make it as a writer these days, and we’re doing our best.

    3) I think Nat’s points are fair, and as a general rule, I love our commenters who are regular readers who generally don’t commit these sorts of transgressions. They always have great things to contribute, and I’m sorry for anyone who thought we were implying otherwise.

    There are asshole commenters out there, and I don’t tolerate personal attacks, as life’s too short to wake up and have someone new telling you you’re a terrible writer and person every single day. Comments that disagree with me, or say that we could be doing something better on the site, I have no problem with, and actually appreciate.

    As always, thanks for reading, no matter what opinion of us you may hold.

  • Levi



  • noemi

    @Paul Tassi: If writing pays your bills, then it should be impeccable. Creativity and originality should be a must, especially since you do not even have to deal with dull topics. What’s more fun that films, video games and other stuff like it? Seriously now, complaining that you do not have the time to write articles of better quality is immature of you and unprofessional.

    @Nattyb: Your article is a bit passive-aggressive, but I completely agree with you that people who say “your forgot this and that” are annoying – your articles are by no means meant to be exhaustive; at the same time it does suck when I read highly subjective articles.

    I have to write a lot myself, and I know how important personal opinion is, but GOOD articles should not rely completely on personal opinions and favorites.

    Tho I did end up loving some of stuff you guys liked and recommended… 😛

    Since you get paid cos we read your stuff, you should show readers more respect by making/finding the time to write better stuff… and I am sure your work would be more appreciated then.

  • @noemi

    I would love nothing more for every single post to be some 2,000 word exploration of some deep issue in entertainment or a hand drawn comic that took me half a day to assemble, but that simply isn’t realistic. It’s not an excuse or laziness, it’s just how it is. With the responsibilities I have writing sixteen posts a day across four sites, they cannot all be fountains of originality. If I see something on another site that I believe our readers would like, I post it and give credit back. A solid site like Cracked is generally all very interesting original content, but they only have a few posts go up a day, and they have an entire TEAM of people writing stuff over there, complete with editorial board meetings and research squads. We are just two guys who like doing this.

    Yes, movies and video games are often very fun to write about, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. We’re constantly racking our brains to come up with new content you guys would like, and if you didn’t appreciate some of it, you wouldn’t be here. Also the concept of “better stuff” is subjective, because I could spend four hours on a post and there would be some who likely hate it. Or I could spend three seconds making a Star Wars pun and it might crack 10,000 people up. You never can tell, and I think we’ve tried to strike a good balance with the manpower and hours we have available.

  • noemi

    @ Paul

    I agree with you, but I am not saying to (re)invent the world in your every single post. I am just saying that sometimes you do not put enough effort in what you do, and that gets through to your readers… How many times have I seen comments with “I miss Madison”? This site was different, and people who read it then know it.

    And of course “better stuff” is subjective when it comes to topics. I mean, I hated Pokemon as a child, but that doesn’t mean I think your Pokemon posts are stupid and I occasionally read even those (especially art-related ones). But no matter the topic, you can write something which meets certain quality standards, even if it’s one of the 16 posts you make in a day…

    But that’s just my opinion, and you can keep finding excuses as long as you want!

    PS: What PS3 game would a 9 year old boy like? He has an NBA game, stuff with cars in LA, some soccer game & other stuff I don’t remember… I am at loss with boys stuff. I need advice. Thanks!


    Hey i want to start out and saying i love what you guys do here and keep it up. I’m a 22 year old stay at home son who generally receive well over 40+ hours of media a week i have a screen devoted to internet/games and one for news/tv so believe me when i say i have plenty to compare you to. i spend roughly a hour a week on your site. i mirror many of your entertainment preferences. i liked Pokemon when i was like 10 its kinda nice having the flashbacks but i really don’t care for them any more but i really don’t mind you posting about them, i have a scroll button. if it doesn’t catch my interest ill pass it. and keep the links going we live in a “Simpsons did it world” nothing is “original” so finding little things from around the internet is completely legit, so don’t listen to some of this hate you are getting and please continue posting anything you feel like you should share. and like i said if i don’t like it ill scroll past it in a 1/10th of a second.

    on a side note i see you like black ops. i have been ranked #1 multiple times on the weekly leader board on tdm and domination and am like 475th on domination all time and i would really love to play with you guys and have a real convo about entertainment and whatnot. my gamer tag for xbox is RWARRRRRR and this invite is to anyone to play i dont care if you are good or bad just have a positive attitude and make me laugh
    keep it up!

  • Boon

    Can you also add those “1st, First!#1” comment ppl, those that have absolutely nothing to add to the article, post, Pic etc… to that list?

    Like the last one I encountered who failed at the “First!” post

    Boon wrote
    “@chris, Not only were you not 1st, but you were beat by someone w/ an actual comment, albeit a snide did your mom kind of one, but beaten none the less. So hang your head in shame w/ the rest of the unoriginals who feel posting a comment c…onsisting solely of the order in which your comment arriving b4 others is a worth while contribution to add is lame when it is the primary comment and just plain sad when its not ;)”