A Quick Word on Commenting

We get quite a few comments on this site on a daily basis.  For the most part we let things slide.   You can pretty much say what you want to say and we’re OK with that because we value opinions.   With the exception of using excessive profanity, go ahead and write what you want to write.

However, for the record, there are a few things that Paul and I as writers utterly can’t stand.   Three of them come to mind.

1.  The one word/phrase comments with obvious spamming intentions:  Stuff like “Nice Article” or “Good Stuff” when you use a link in your signature is not going to cut it on this site.   Looking for cheap traffic but using our comment section isn’t cool.  If you want to promote your site send an email.  I think that’s pretty fair.

2.  The “I hate you” stuff.   I’ve received comments before that say things like “You suck Nattyb” or “Awful.”  Hey I don’t mind if you hate me but at least explain yourself.   If you really read the article then you have to have some kind of opinion.  We know not everything we write is great and hell, maybe I do suck, but at least give a reason for it.

3.  Pure criticism and no explanation or thought:  We get these ALL the time.   Paul and I take time to write some articles and whenever we leave something out it’s like the world ended.  “You missed this guy!” or “I can’t believe you forgot.”  OK that’s fine.  We get that.  But how about the other 10 things it took us to research on that list?  If you guys can do better than send us your own article!  We’d be happy to post it.


Comments are appreciated  🙂