Debate of the Day: Too Old for Halloween?

A sneak preview.

It’s a debate even among my own circle of friends right now. Are we too old for Halloween? As a child, it’s one of the best days of the year, where you get tons of candy and everyone says how cute you look. As a college student, it’s one of the best days of the year, where you get tons of alcohol and you tell everyone ELSE how cute they look. But as that memory drifts further away, the question stands, how old is too old for Halloween?

I’m personally of the opinion that it’s a holiday that should be adopted by all ages. Here’s the schedule:

0-12 – Trick or treating

12-18 Jr. High and High School Halloween dances.

18-23 – Halloween college parties.

23-90 (no little kids) – Halloween bar night

23-90 (with little kids) – Dress up when you take them trick or treating.

Why? Because dressing up in costume is fun damnit, and every other Holiday out there is based on religious tradition rather than just plain fun. Please don’t launch into some story about the religious roots of Halloween about warding off demons because I really don’t care. As it stands, it’s not  religious holiday, and while Christmas and Easter and Hanukkah and all that can be fun, it’s always about something else as well, which is totally cool, but we just need a time to let loose and be goofy or sexy or badass or whatever you want to be free of judgment, race, religion or creed.

So that’s my pitch, what do you say?

  • Sam

    I despise halloween. Not because I’m too old, its because of the forced participation. I’m not the type that goes to parties (I’d rather stay at home either alone or with some friends and watch a movie. I’m a loser, I know) and i don’t have kids to take trick-or-treating. So I just want to have a nice quiet night at home but every 2 minutes *knock knock* doesn’t matter if your lights are on out off.
    I don’t think people should be frowned upon for dressing up though. No matter the age. If you enjoy dressing up then more power to you.

  • chrystani

    YAY! I agree.

    Im one of the only people at my job dressed up for Halloween today. (Friday is a Halloween for jobs and schools this year).

    Everyone is all “Aww I was gonna…. blah blah” Suckers.

    Its all good. I like being called cute anyway. O I’m a pirate. Cheapest, easiest work appropriate costume ever!

  • ROSS

    Halloween is the greatest. Girls are always in the sluttiest outfits and they are def dtf. I live in a frat house that throws a bangin halloween party/ Haunted House every year. After the last group goes through, we run rampant through the house tearing all the tarp and decorations down. Plus, thanks to an awesome special effects girl, i get to be zombie Sweettooth this year, not some sad looking Bozo.
    Halloween is as fun as you make it. You can never be too old. There will always be that 2% percent of people that dont want to participate because they think they are going against the norm like some dirty hipster. (But by going against the norm, they are letting the norm control them, anyway…) Those are mainly hipster, formerly emo, dudes. Girls love costumes and themes and will always come out, fugly or not.

  • joe

    I can’t believe you are dressing up as a pokemon character for Halloween.

  • Velovan

    First off, an adult in a Pokemon costume is about as nerdy as it gets. Congrats 🙂

    My Halloweens ever since college have been spent at an annual costume party one of my friends throws. They’re awesome, as you get the sheer fun of dressing up combined with friends, food and alcohol in an environment that won’t judge you. My favorite Halloweens, however, were in high school when I worked at a haunted warehouse in town. Scaring the hell out of people is insanely fun.

  • Lacy

    I am 32 and I love Halloween. I throw a party and take my girls trick or treating every year. This year I am going as Jack from Jack in the box, only I am wearing a bloody apron and caring Ronald McDonald’s head.

  • Prof. Frink

    I do not personally have a problem with people who dress up for Halloween. Nevertheless, I hate Halloween because people make it sound like its some sort of obligation to spend money on some dumb costume to use for 6 hours. They look at you like your a rapist or something if you say you are not dressing up. Most homemade costumes are pieces of shit or ones recycled for multiple Halloweens.On another note, it seems convenient that your age ranges go to 23 for dressing up, hmmm whats the explanation for that…. Does this mean no more dressing up after this year? Halloween proper should end when college ends.