Debate of The Day: Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto?


Like what we did for Western and Japanese RPGs, we aren’t saying one is better over the other. We want your opinions on which of these two games you prefer. Let us know what you like and don’t like about either franchise. I personally enjoy both of these series as I pre-ordered Saints Row IV and Grand Theft Auto V

I really find it annoying how people compare these two games. At first glance, they do seem like very similar franchises but you’ll realize that they are different beasts if you look closer. They’re like apples and oranges or cousins so to speak. Saints Row’s focus leans towards over the top ridiculous violence and vulgarity. While Grand Theft Auto games tends to be more like a serious film with humorous moments.

I finished Saints Row IV a few days ago and my friends and I call it ‘Vice city on steroids.’ It reminded me of the time when Grand Theft Auto had more wacky elements in their game. The fourth game in the series felt a bit too serious and dark for  me. However, that’s just my personal opinion. I’ll still play both anyway.

What about you? Do you prefer Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto?


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