Debate of The Day: Is Terrence Malick Brilliant or Pretentious?


Before watching Terrence Malick’s films, I knew that there was always a divisive opinion about his films. Some people argue that his vivid use of imagery evokes a spiritual experience that you rarely feel watching films. Others claim that it is a mess that conveys nothing but pretentiousness.  I know that mixed reviews are pretty common with movies, but reception to Malick’s films are extremely polarizing to the point that I myself am confused.

To be honest, I saw Malick’s films and it could not sustain my attention at all. I tried to sit through the Tree of Life. Roger Ebert called the film one of the best movies of all time, while audiences booed and walked out during one screening. I gave him a second chance with the recent film To The Wonder. I still couldn’t love it. It makes me question if it was really bad or I just didn’t understand the concept of it.

Where do you stand when it comes to his films?



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