The World’s Best Cosplayers Try Cheesy Overwatch Pickup Lines


Pick up lines are a tough nut to crack.  On the one hand if delivered properly even the cheesiest of pick up lines can be effective, especially if the one delivering the pick up line is super good looking.  It’s just how humans operate.  On the other hand even the most crafty of pick up lines can crash and burn pretty badly.  Either way, they are most certainly fun to attempt and even more fun to watch.  If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the world’s best cosplayers crash and burn with some cheesy Overwatch-themed pick-up lines, this might be a video for you to watch.

The results here are pretty embarrassing but I have to admit that the cosplay is pretty awesome here.  Everyone from star Stella Chuu to KayBear to Jechts to Rian Synth (Hanzo up top) is looking pretty awesome here.   And if you’re an Overwatch fan you have to admit that the line up to isn’t that bad.

But some of these are awful!

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