Vera Bambi Does Enough Cosplay to Qualify


She goes by the name Vera Bambi, and this very picture you see up top of her doing Mario cosplay is exactly what got her onto this website.   It would probably be a stretch to consider Vera to be a professional or even serious cosplayer but I don’t hold that against her in any way.  After all the credo of her website is “Seduction, cosplay, beauty” in that order.  It’s the seduction part I think Vera takes to be her primary money maker.  If you need proof of seduction look no further than her bio:

I am a model, cosplayer, nerdy little fangirl, glam guru, vlogger and seductress. I am also occasionally a photographer and painter. I wear a lot of hats, engage in a lot of activities and simply cannot sit still. My look is very chameleon as I am experimenting with new fashion every day. I’m always changing my makeup and I love to wear wigs so that I’m not bored by one hair color.

I mainly live on the internet posting YouTube videos, streaming live webcam and creating nude art content for my fans. I have an incredible interest for photography geared towards an art loving adult audience. That which heightens the senses and sparks passion.

I like to refer to myself as “The Controversial Cosplayer” because often my costumes stir conversation of both negative and positive feeling. Art is nothing if not subjective, it is about more than just seeing but feeling too.

One thing Vera is always going to be is honest.  That’s what I like about her.  Check out some of her best work below:











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