The Top Five Most Followed Cosplayers on Instagram

As cosplay continues to grow in popularity were starting to see the world’s top cosplayers take social media by storm. Many of the world’s top cosplayers have legions of followers that rival the world’s top musicians, actors, athletes, and other entertainers. One social network, in particular, has this on full display.


With over 700 million monthly users the popular photo-sharing app is the perfect platform for cosplay’s top names to showcase their talents, and they are taking full advantage. Today I’m going to rank the top 5 cosplayers on Instagram.

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Vampy Bit Me

IG Handle: vampybitme

Followers: 368,000

Linda Le, known by the cosplay community as Vampy Bit Me, is a Vietnamese-American cosplayer that is international recognized for her uncanny ability to realistically portray famous anime figures. She first began to embrace cosplay and anime characters at the age of 12, gaining her first taste of notoriety from the cosplay community when she was included on the guest roster for the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention.

Yaya Han

IG Handle: yayahan

Followers: 514,000

Yaya is arguably the Queen of international cosplayers. Regardless if you agree or not, you can’t deny that the Chinese-American is a phenom with several high profile appearances on SyFy reality show “Heroes of Cosplay” and TBS’s “King of the Nerds.” An astute businesswoman Yaya has taken full advantage of her notoriety by banking on her custom costume designs and other cosplay merch.

Holly Wolf

IG Handle: hollytwolf

Followers: 593,000

Holly Wolf is undoubtedly the geek girl of our dreams. Playboy model, gamer, and co-producer of a graphic novel. Wolf has a very dedicated legion of male followers, and she keeps them in a constant state of awe with the mix of cosplay and sexy modeling photos she posts daily to her Instagram account. She’s freaking hot man.

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Alodia Gosiengfiao

IG Handle: alodiaalmira

Followers: 654,000

If anyone is an example of how to turn cosplay notoriety into a successful career, it’s Alodia Gosiengfiao. Over the years she’s parlayed her passion for cosplay into TV hosting, acting, and merchandise. First finding an interest in cosplay after joining an Anime forum, by 15 she was participating in cosplay competitions as Final Fantasy X-2 character Gun Mage Rikku. She’s a must follow on Instagram, but make sure you also follow her on Facebook where she boasts more than 6 million fans.

Jessica Nigri

IG Handle: jessicanigri

Followers: 2.5 million

At number 1 as the most famous cosplayer on Instagram is the ultra beautiful Jessica Nigri. The 27 year old has been cosplaying since 2009 and quickly found success. In 2012 she won IGN’s contest for a model to portray main character Juliet Starling in Suda51’s horror-action-slasher video game “Lollipop Chainsaw.” Most famous for her “Sexy Pikachu” costume that went viral Jessica is the epidemy of a cosplay superstar. If you’re a cosplay fan and you’re not following her, you’re missing out.


The cosplayers on this list are nothing short of celebrities. Although they might not be mainstream (yet) they boast international audiences that are growing as the popular of cosplay continues to rise. Many of them have turned their cosplay skills into successful business ventures laying a framework for the next generation of cosplayers to come. Make sure you go follow all of these stars of cosplay as soon as you close this article.

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