Some of the Most Disturbing and WTF Cosplay Pictures of All-Time

Bad Cosplay

Cosplay short for “costume play,” is a type of performance art whose participants outfit themselves, with often-elaborate costumes and accessories, as a specific character or idea. Characters are usually sourced in various Japanese and East Asian media, including manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, and fantasy movies.

In other words, the portrayals of the various characters should at least be somewhat accurate.  And more importantly, I’m not sure the intended purpose of a costume is to scare the living crap out of people like myself.

Nevertheless, the cosplay subculture is bound to run into some psychos.  In fact there are more than I’d like to count.  Here’s a sample of some of the more disturbing images of the cosplay culture.


Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

Bad Cosplay

  • Zil

    Okay, we get it, fat people should not cosplay thin people.

    ..and the Gundam cosplay’s epic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Venro

    I’d have to agree about that Gundam cosplay. And half of these people should cosplay Rufus.

  • Blonde

    Need a “best of” cosplay to make up for this. It still hurts my eyes.

  • simon

    I’m not even sure who some of these people think they are cosplaying.

  • Justin

    i really like that rock lee … black rock lee.. who is apparently peeing himself bwahaha!

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  • Selanit

    The only pics I see here that strike me as “disturbing” are the one of the Rock Lee guy pissing himself, and the one of the ultra-skinny guy standing in the woods in panties (who the heck is he supposed to be, anyway?)

    All the others appear to be some combination of: overweight, queer, or black. Which is far more disturbing than any of the pics.

  • Mike

    I think the Black Rock Lee (Let’s call him Blackie Chan) just has a lot of nut sweat.
    But yeah, that Quistis (the one with the little chain thing) is horrifying.
    Most of them were.
    But the Gundam.
    It’s so simple.
    It works.
    I’m stealing it.
    Wizard World East, here I come.

  • Katherine D

    Wow I am really speechless… yeah that gundam one got me rolling… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sam

    Wow… you guys are assholes. Costumes like these take a lot of work, and a lot of balls to put your self out there.

  • bob


  • MsR3d

    So…Apparently only thin beautiful Asian or white cosplayers are allowed?

    Some of the best cosplayers you see are hired by the company to portray the character in a so-called beautiful fashion. Secondly, yes… there are some questionable tastes in outfit choices on some people, but other then that, cosplay is supposed to be fun and expressive. Some of the outfits, such as the Bleach cosplay are well done. Plus, Man-Faye and Sailor Bubba are kind of iconic in a 4-chan way.

  • natsume

    Pretty low blows for some of those ..

    What the hell is wrong with a kid doing the prince from Katamari Damacy or Felicia from Dark Stalkers?

    A good chunk of these are done for comedic effect, certainly man-faye and the resident sailor bubba from Acen.

  • Tasha

    Man Faye ROCKS! He may be disturbing to see in costume but he’s a really nice guy and totally funny ๐Ÿ˜‰ I met him at Anime Expo in 2004 and got my pic taken with him.

  • Gundam. Its genius…

  • Pitch Black

    Fat people who are comfortable with themselves and having fun? HOW DARE THEY! FOR SHAME! FOR SHAME!

  • ptrix

    why, Why, WHY do fat guys cosplay as Faye Valentine, when they’d be much more convincing as Jet Black?

  • Ouch! My eyes are burning!

  • this is why Americans should not get involved in the Asian sport of cosplay

  • graphicartist2k5

    there NEEDS to be a rule that states: MEN CANNOT DRESS UP AS FEMALE ANIME CHARACTERS. if this rule is broken at any cosplay convention, said man that has broken this rule should get his ass SERIOUSLY kicked.

  • jack


    Let see, the right term would be kuso. It is kind of like a train wreck that you just gota watch.

  • Fatty McGee

    Nice examples, but sadly I’ve seen worse.
    Why is man Faye up there twice? What soft of punishment is this?

    Gundam guy is awesome, has an action figure, and was featured in a Japanese ad. Just goes to show that mocking crap cosplay can become it’s own form of EPIC cosplay.

  • Danny

    I am scarred for life..

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  • M I N N

    “cosplay is supposed to be fun and expressive”

    Come on with that crap, everyone says it pose to be fun. is it fun for us to see our favorite characters butchered?

  • i S m e x y

    wow well the gundam is epic all the others are epic fails and that asian has the world’s smallest penis… i swear he must masterbate with tweezers

  • Steve

    The cat-girl in pink? I’d totally hit that. And not in my automobile either.

    (I’m talkin’ like the Fist of an Angry God)

  • Carlos

    The thick girl with the pink hair and cat paws is sexy. I’ve done a lot worse in my time.

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  • crazytom

    epic fail on Yoruichi (third from top) one of the hottest chicks in Bleach

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  • I think that Katamari one is actually pretty badass.

  • Tom

    WHY sooooooo many crossdressing ones??? And the Samus one made me laugh friggen hard.

  • Kat

    oh man whats up with the naked savor the little white panties asian…girl/boy..haha

  • Water

    Cosplaying takes some gut.
    But still I think that when you want to do a cosplay you should PICK the character as
    a) what characters you like
    b) what you CAN do as in:
    1. your own bodyshape/facial features
    2. you think your sewing/making ability is able to

    as for crossdressing: It’s even harder than “normal cosplay”,
    with women: PLEASE BIND YOUR BREASTS! (I don’t want to see my favourite male character cosplayer with huge boobs (even man tits if the character does NOT have them)
    with men: just how many man has the gut to actually use a bra and stuff them so they would have breasts (IF the said character HAS breasts) or get their manhood hidden with good underwear? I can’t say I’ve seen many. (maybe 2 actually good male crossplayers irl and I’ve been to a LOTS of conventions over few years)

    And the Gundam was epic.

  • Heidi

    wow… ok so I know alot of time and money goes into cosplaying… but seriously? some of these people wasted alot of money…
    The Quistis one I give props because yeah she might not be the slim version from the game, but that outfit is absolutly amazing!! It’s so precise and exact, props to her!!

    The pink haired cat girl… I really don’t want to see that much of her, personally, but she doesn’t look bad, cute costume.

    The men dressed as women…. for God’s sake SHAVE!!! seriously… eww…

    the last two women… next time just throw on a pair of Spanx and you’ll be ok.

  • Saki

    pfff, dude seriously? MOST cosplay is like this and i found none of these pictures disturbing. cosplay is for the fun of it, it doesent matter if your a bit over waight or not and i must say a lot of these are done for the comedy of it.

  • KIPI lover

    Hmmm, it’s so rare to find something on the web, that literally makes you want to tear out your eyeballs, put them on the ground and stomp on them. I really feel violated by the hidiousness that is this one webpage… EW! And those of you that think it takes guts, true! So does jumping of the golden gate bridge with no strings attached, it’s stupid, but it really DOES take guts. And yes my post is neither polite nor politically correct, I don’t care. You see, I’m evil!

  • Yorunai

    Not gunna lie, this kind if makes me want to curl up into a little tiny ball.


  • Muteki

    whoa, i was browsing cosplay pictures until i stumbled on this.. and this diffidently made me stop..

  • Steph

    I can NOT understand WHYYYYY these idiots would get all dressed up in spandex and think it looked good?? That only looks good on fictional anime characters!!

  • dumbass

    all i have to say is wtf

  • Melissa

    Well, i guess you can’t blame them cause they dont make much overweight characters these days….

  • Papasan

    This article is bullshit. You people are stuck in some pre-adolescent phase where you still view the world around you as a play presented for your singular approval, and no one is permitted to enjoy themselves unless they can do it in a way that pleases you. I guarantee that if a thin person cosplayed a heavy character you wouldn’t complain one bit. Grow up.

  • Mayauw

    it make me sick..

  • anamenotsmartorfunny

    some of these cosplays are really good actually. it just most of these people are overweight too. which is not fair. they can cosplay too without someone saying that its disturbing. and sure the other half was just for jokes. like that guy in he sailor moon costume. im sure he did it just for the laugh. yes, some of them are disturbing and they shouldnt cosplay as that particular character. but still.

    *sigh* i dunno.

  • anonomous

    you’re right, this article and its comments are pretty disturbing. the presumption that fat = ugly = unable to cosplay sickened me to my stomach, not to mention the strong opposition to crossdressing.

  • Scalpelkitten

    It’s very simple…fat people should not cosplay..I don’t wanna see a Misa from deathnote with rolls hanging out. That is what is so disgusting about cons now. Either some fat chick wants to wear an uber short skirt like the thinnies and has her nasty ass hanging out or they decide to try to cosplay some sexy character. It should be banned from cons. “If you’re overweight…don’t try!”

    I don’t care who I offend in my statement, it’s effin nasty!

  • Quid

    re: all comments of “fat people shouldn’t cosplay”

    Believe it or not, fat coplayers are not all ugly. Some of them do a hell of a lot better than the thinner ones. The problems with the above ones is that they ignored the weight difference between themselves and the character.

    If they had adjusted for that, these photos wouldn’t exist.

  • Kaitlin

    Will you please take the top picture down i work with one of the girls and she is not disturbing.She happens to be quite “normal”and attractive even if not to your standards.I’m not trying to be rube i do know it would hurt her feelings if she stumbled across this website like i did.

    Thank You If You Respect My Request.

  • theotakuonline

    Well, in the philippines not many people cosplay and there are certain rules especially on nudity so I was shocked when I saw these.

    And, uh, wow. They made these? awesome. Now if only it fit them better. Like some are too big and some are too tight.

    Someone should’ve dressed up as Mario. I would praise them.

  • Sabrina


  • zzynxx

    epic gundam !! :DD

  • Bura-sama

    Some people shouldnt even try to cosplay. :U

  • Wafflekinz

    Okay, so I agree that all of these are horrible… except one. I actually thought the Katamari costume was awesome haha. But maybe that’s just me! Though I can see how it would look stupid as hell if you’ve never played Katamari.

  • Rave

    Not being mean or anything, but I feel bad for the characters they were trying to cosplay.

  • Bob

    The Yoruichi cosplay is great. Why people hating on that?