Shreddy Krueger Does a Great Job Cosplaying Harley Quinn


Shreddy Krueger hasn’t done cosplay in a while.  In fact the last time she was in front of the camera was in 2015.   But don’t let that fool you.  Shreddy’s got skills.  The self proclaimed movie junkie, Cosplayer, derby girl, cat lady,  and food lover is back at it in time for Halloween with her rendition of Harley Quinn as a Roller Derby girl.  I think she nailed it. Here’s a brief description from Shreddy.

“So…it’s been a while since I’ve done a cosplay shoot. I believe the last one was my animated series Harley Quinn cosplay in January 2015. I took some time off to focus on my mind and body and now I’m feeling confident again and happy to work on some new content. This was probably my favorite costume to create and wear. I’ve been playing roller derby since 2010 and have wanted to portray this version of Harley since the moment I saw the concept artwork. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling, I hope you enjoy!”

Pics below: