Russian Video Streamer Karina Sycheva Just did a Great Overwatch Cosplay


Does the name Karin Sycheva ring any bells?  It should.  She’s a well known video streamer gamer girl from Russia who also happens to be attractive.

Karina Sycheva, aka Sharishaxd gained huge popularity. She is from the city of Belgorod, and in a short period she became a celebrity of the Russian audience of She has more than 470K subscribers on her channel and the number of subscribers continues to grow. She manages to pull upwards of around 30K viewers even before the stream starts.

If you haven’t seen her before you might know that her popularity is directly related to her unusual behavior while streaming.  Though I think half of it is also due to the fact that’s she’s quite attractive.  At only age 19 she’s got a long way to go and her popularity should only increase. Oh and by the way she just did an Overwatch Cosplay that’s been killing it on Reddit (see the above picture)

You can see more pictures and her crazy antics below:  While I have no idea what she’s saying it doesn’t matter, she’s pretty intense.