Little Kid Rocks an Awesome Homemade Tauntaun Costume

Father Clint Case knew that something special was going to happen when his son tried out his Halloween costume for the first time.  It’s why Clint captured it all on video and posted it to Youtube.  While he wasn’t guaranteed success he knew his little son was adorable and the effort put into this homemade Tauntaun costume from Star Wars just might pay off.   So far it has as this video has gotten around 270,000 views in less than 48 hours.

We gotta give kudos to Clint for making one of these.   Most parents (including myself) don’t put in the effort and time on Halloween to come up with something extraordinary.  You have to appreciate those that do.  Of course I just like eating candy but perhaps I’ll go all out one of these days for my sons.  Or not.