Ideas for Female Video Game-inspired Halloween Costumes

Christmas is great, Easter is fun, but for anyone who loves to dress up, Halloween is undoubtedly their favorite time of the year. For one night, cosplay isn’t just something to do at events and conventions, but an activity everyone in the world can get on board with. The only problem with Halloween is: what costume are you going to pick this year? Every year it gets harder and harder to choose, as you have to out-do your previous effort, but everyone loves a good challenge, right?

Luckily, video game fans have a massive amount of possibilities. Many popular characters have made their way into pop culture, so thankfully you don’t have to explain your outfit to everyone – they’ll simply know from sight! But as it’s getting close to Halloween now, we thought we’d give a useful list of four ideas for video game-inspired costumes. Let’s go trick or treating in these!

Lara Croft

The heavily-pixelated (but still somehow beautiful) Lara Croft of the early PC days has been absolutely done to death. Everyone knows the short shorts and the tight top by now, but we have a better idea: go as the new Lara Croft. This badass character was re-booted in 2013 with a new game simply titled Tomb Raider, and with it, her look changed considerably.

Gone are the short shorts and the tight tops, to be replaced with an outfit that actually looks like someone who can handle themselves in the wild: damaged trousers, a sensible vest top and several mud stains/cuts/bandages. With a new movie starring Alicia Vikander as Croft being released next year, now’s the time to get the updated look that’s bound to be popular.

Princess Peach

If you’re one who loves to be elegant and royal for your Halloween costume, then look no further than Princess Peach. With a long, flowing pink dress, crown, and white gloves, you’ll have the basics of her outfit down. Making sure the hair is perfect may be the tricky part, as Peach’s golden locks are iconic to her overall style. Buying a wig is a passable option, but if you really love to dress the part, then we highly recommend bleaching your hair! As long as you’ve got blonde hair dye from a respected brand, as well as follow these top tips from Schwarzkopf on how to get it right, then your new golden hair is going to look so much better. Plus, it’s a good excuse to try out a different look once Halloween is over.


While she might not have the status of other video game characters, there will be no doubt as to who you’re dressing up as. Misty is popular on the Pokémon TV show, and especially now that Pokémon Go swept the nation in a big way in the last year, people will definitely be on the lookout for these characters. The outfit is simple enough: denim shorts, white/red sneakers, red suspenders, and a yellow top. Getting the hair that orange color will be the hard part, but like Princess Peach, either go with dye or a wig.

Black Widow

Although many will know Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow from many of the Marvel films, we can now include her as an official video game character. Black Widow has been added to the roster of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. This is fantastic news, as other than being an awesome character, Black Widow has a very recognizable look: long red hair, leather jumpsuit, and often pictured with nightsticks.

If you need even more ideas, be sure to check out Vera Bambi, as she is constantly updating her social media pages with awesome cosplay outfits!


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