Fitness Model Steph Pacca Just Reinvented Lara Croft


Steph Pacca is a fitness model who hails from Australia and boasts nearly a million followers on Instagram.   You might be wondering why we would be featuring a fitness model and trainer on this website.  The reason is simple.  It’s because Steph recently released a picture of her take on Lara Croft and let’s just say it’s nothing short of sensational.

While talk is probably ongoing and will be ongoing for the next 50 years about a Lara Croft reboot or continuation, please for the love of God get in touch with Steph please.  Not only is her costume totally on point for what a new Lara could and should look like, but Steph herself could easily step into the role.  I have no clue about her acting chops but check out this resume

Specializing in fat loss, lean muscle definition and sculpting the body’s natural curves through many exciting and challenging forms of training. Steph loves to incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as well as Plyometrics and weights to her sessions to really push you beyond your own expectations.

Steph has sold over 200 copies worldwide of her Customized Nutritional & Training guidelines to others seeking her advice. Steph believes that results speak for themselves; and has a very strong commitment to her client’s health and well being. Steph has experienced many realms of the fitness industry, including a years practical work in a Wellness Clinic training client’s of all ages (up to 98 years old) whilst completing her third year of study in Exercise Physiology.

With 5 years training in Competitive Boxing, 7 years of State level Athletics and current years in Personal Training, Steph is confident in her abilities to design & deliver thoroughly effective and enjoyable training sessions that will leave you with a new outlook on your fitness journey.

More pictures below: