Famous Cosplayer Yota Nakiri Before And After She Started Cosplaying

We have seen many cosplayers make their way into the mainstream through social media and other web outlets, and making many beloved characters come to life in a whole new way. These cosplayers typically have a huge following, and also develop many different characters to play out and dress up for the entertainment of the public eye. One of these cosplayers who we have seen make their debut on social media is that of Yota Nakiri, who has made her way by creating many real life characters right before our eyes. In this unique gallery, you can see some before and after pictures of Yota Nakiri, and how her cosplay characters have really transformed her and her personality. Here are the pictures so that you can see the differences:

It is clear to see that for the most part, Yota Nakiri chooses to dress up as characters and figures that are on a more broad and general spectrum, rather than specific characters that we know and recognize. One of the pictures that many will recognize is that of her as a Playboy Bunny. However, she has also created her own characters that she depicts throughout her day as well. In fact, it seems as though her characters that she often depicts are her own versions of typical stereotypes of people that we picture. For example, some of the pictures in the gallery mentioned above show her dressed in a business casual attire, while there is another picture that she seems to be dressed up like a temptress type of bride. Although it may not be clear what she is depicting, she has gained a following known the less.

Yota Nakiri also has a modest following on her social media pages, especially her Twitter account. Since beginning her cosplaying ventures, she has a total of over 6000 followers. She also posts many of her cosplay pictures, as well as many posts relating to creative and crafty outlets, for her followers to see. Unfortunately, for those fans of her that are in other countries, Yota Nakiri’s Twitter account is all in her native Japan (She resides in the city of Danchi, Japan). Nevertheless, she is slowly but surely gaining a following with her characters and cosplays that she depicts every chance she gets.

In a world where finding the fun and fantasy in an alternate reality, we are seeing more and more individuals from all walks of life and from all over the globe showing what they’ve got. Yota Nakiri is just beginning to make her way in the cosplay universe, and from what we have seen so far, she is starting to make quite a name for herself. You can find more of her cosplays pictures and videos, along with other fun posts that she makes for her followers to see, all over her different social media pages, as well as on other sites. This has been our look through of the before and after pictures of famed cosplayer, Yota Nakiri.

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