Family Console Costume Shows Dad’s Totally Awesome Dedication to Twin Sons


If you were planning on being in Japan on Halloween then don’t bother.  This costume is already the winner for awesomeness in that country.  The father from YouTube channel RuiRei Channel created a “Famicom” console costume to wear with his twin sons. Famicom, a word made up by Kotaku, equals Family Computer, family costumes.    Of course this dad’s kids love playing the family console otherwise I doubt he’d have put together this genius attire.  Turns out last year this crew went as LEGO and those costumes also happened to be amazing.

As far as the Famicom costumes, dad designed them himself and made them from scratch.

As we said, his kids, of course, enjoy playing the Famicom.

Check out more pics below!

This is last year’s costumes I was telling you about.

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