Dad Turns Son’s Wheelchair Into Ecto-1 For Halloween

If you’re looking for “father of the year” and “cosplay of the year” all wrapped up into one video, then Jeremy Miller, son of Ryan Scott Miller is something you need to see. Not sure if you remember but Ryan made his some a Star Wars Snowspeeder for last year’s Halloween and has certainly outdone himself yet again this year.  This time he’s turned Jeremy’s wheelchair into a pretty gnarly Ecto-1 vehicle.

What’s more is that Jeremy is completely ecstatic with his costume. In the video you can see him dancing and feel the excitement. It’s a shame the most recent Ghostbusters movie was so bad. However, guys like me who still live in the 80s can truly appreciate this amazing work of art.

One thing’s for certain. Jeremy will be the talk of the neighborhood come trick or treating time.

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