Christina Fink Does a Mean Witchblade Cosplay


If I thought there were more things out there on Christina Fink I would tell as much as I could, but that I couldn’t find her as being one of the elite in the world of Cosplay was kind of a mystery to me.  Especially since I came across this ridiculously good Witchblade shot of her.   Turns out she’s not just great at Witchblade cosplay either.  Ms. Fink has profiles on Instagram, Deviantart, and the Russian Facebook (where she spells her name Kristina).

The only actual bio from her says “worst cosplayer” and that’s on her Instagram account.  However, as you can see from the picture above (and the ones below) that’s far from the truth.  You can see how fans quickly eye her and it’s not as though she’s just in it for the sexy look.  Granted she’s beautiful and uses her appeal quite well.    But you have to admit the actual attention to detail is pretty darned good.

And it’s not just Witchblade that Christina does well.  While yes, her outfits are pretty sultry, Fink does a solid job and should be looked at as a serious contender in the world of cosplaying.  Whether it’s anime, being a cowgirl, or a temptress vampire, you’re gonna like the world of Christina Fink below.










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