Bleach Creator Tite Kubo Does One Hell of a Bleach Cosplay


It isn’t often that you see a game or show’s creator Cosplay as one of the characters of the show.  Well, at least you don’t get to see it much here in the United States.  But abroad it seems to be a different case.   Now that the Bleach manga is finished, creator Tite Kubo has more time on his hands.  How he’s using that time is where this gallery comes in.  Kubo has decided to dress up as Bleach character Mayuri Kurotsuchi and he’s done a masterful job at it.

Kubo recently began uploading sketches to his Twitter account, as well as a series of photos. The text reads, “This is Bleach’s Tite Kubo.”  I personally think the best picture is at the bottom of the gallery where he’s drinking from a straw like an everyday Joe.

Enjoy the pics






Pictures via Tite on Twitter via Kotaku