How to Drive a Programmer Insane (Comic)

Did you know that there is a comic out there that’s designed just for computer programmers? It’s actually pretty good, and involves one of the best ways to make a computer programmer completely crazy in the shortest possible amount of time. It starts out as an innocent enough mistake, but then it turns quite diabolical, to say the least.

In the comic, one of the individuals accidentally reverse is his first and last name in an app that he created for a new programmer. Obviously, since there was an error in the app, it doesn’t match the database fields in the rest of the system. Before you know it, the new computer programmer is driving himself completely insane because he becomes convinced that there is an issue with the entire system. He thinks that he has to fix the problem, yet he can’t even find it. Granted, this sounds funny when you think about it in the context of a comic. If you just happen to be a computer programmer or you know one, you are all too aware that this type of situation happens more often than anyone would like to admit and it does indeed drive the programmer completely insane.

Where does the diabolical part come in? The person that made the mistake on the app is well aware that the mistake is his and his alone. He’s also well aware that the new computer programmer is about to tear his hair out trying to find the problem. Does he choose to tell him what’s going on or that he made an error and nothing is really wrong with the system at all? Of course not. Instead, he simply stands off to the side and watches that poor computer programmer go nuts trying to figure out what on earth is going on.

This guy might not get any points for compassion, but he definitely seems to be enjoying the little mess that he’s created, even if he didn’t do it on purpose, at least initially. He even goes around telling other people in the office what he’s done and that he’s enjoying the outcome. All the while, the new programmer is still trying to figure out what’s going on and getting a little closer to the line of insanity with each passing minute.

Could something like this potentially happen in real life? The question you might want to be asking yourself is whether or not it’s ever happened to you. You know that if somebody thought about it long enough to create a comic about it, it’s happened more than a few times in reality. Who knows, the person that wrote the comic might have actually been writing from personal experience. Perhaps he really did this to a computer programmer or maybe he even was the computer programmer that was bordering on insanity.

Whatever the case might be, this comic is funny. It’s obviously going to be even funnier for people that work in this field and know the mindset of people that typically do this type of thing. With that being said, everybody can identify with it on some level.

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