Countdown to Comic Con: Are You Coming?!


The time is nigh. Tomorrow, I head out to New York Comic Con as a member of the press. I know it’s probably not actually that impressive or cool, but forgive me for relishing in it. Maybe ReedPOP generally gives press passes to anyone with a blog, but I happen to think Unreality is special. Not only do we generate a respectable amount of traffic, we have the highest quality readers.

Now, obviously that’s entirely subjective on my part, since I don’t spend my time trolling around every single pop culture website, but I really think you all are exceptionally intelligent and also have a distinct knack for not being jerks. That’s impressive, in this age of the internet, so kudos to you.

Here’s what I want to know: how many of you are New York locals and/or how many of you are planning to attend NYCC? Let me know in the comments or email me at I’m thinking about pulling together an impromptu Unreality Mag NYCC get-together, and I’ve set my sights on Sunday. NYC is a bit cray-cray on Friday and Saturday nights, especially in the area around the Javits Center, but I’m figuring most of us have Monday off for Discoverers’ Day.

So do you want to hang out Sunday night? I do. Let me know via email or the comments section and we’ll figure out where to meet up after the floor closes on Sunday. You can also tweet me at @TheSaraClemens.

If you’re attending but you’d rather not blur the lines between internet and life for realsies, I’m also looking for cosplay pictures, either those of yourself or your friends. If you’re coming to NYCC and cosplaying, please email me pics at so I can feature them in my New York Comic Con post next week!