Cosplay of the Day: X-23 Will *Snikt* Your Heart



“Guys we should make a girl Wolverine.”


“But she shouldn’t have three claws.”

“Why not?”

“Because….girl’s hands are too small to fit three claws. And then people would just call her ‘Girl Wolverine.’ ”

“Why, what do you want to call her?”



Anyway, I know I’m overlooking the storied comic history of X-23, but it’s all in good fun. Cosplayer KO has done an amazing job for her Katsucon costume, and you can check out more pics of it in action below:





  • mark miller

    I wish they would do more X-23 stuff. Imo her chracter is more interesting than wolverine’s. Though that’s probably more to do with Wolverine being stretched so thin. Anyway tis fantastic cosplay.