Obscure Movie Character of the Week: The Black Spiderman in Karate Kid


OK I searched for like 6 hours trying to find this clip (actually ten minutes) and unfortunately I can’t find anything that actually features the character I want to point out.  However if you’ve seen the movie Karate Kid then you’re familiar with the clip above.

Think five minutes before that scene.  It’s when Daniel’s in the bathroom and he sets up the hose to squirt water on Johnny when he’s rolling a joint.  Remember that part?  And Daniel rushes out and says to Allie “It’s coming around!”

Right after that you see Johnny rush out of the stall to go chase after Daniel.  Right as he’s leaving the bathroom there’s a black guy who’s dressed as Spiderman.  He’s wearing awesome sneakers and goes “Hey Johnny!  What’s up!”  He puts up his hand to give Johnny a high five and is left hanging.

This is one of the best guys ever.   That is all.


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