That Guy Actor of the Week: Zach Galligan

I’m surprised that I haven’t added Zach Galligan into our mix yet.  Surely all of you will remember Zach as the star of Gremlins and Gremlins 2:  The New Batch.   However, are you aware that Zach is still out there acting?  Yup.  He’s got 50 titles to his name and his latest credit is for the movie Hatchet III and he plays Sheriff Fowler.

Look, you gotta make a living right?  Basically Galligan’s been in B movies and horror films with little bits of TV mixed in.   But we’ll always remember him as Gizmo’s compatriot.  Here’s to you Zach.

And a clip to follow after the jump….


This is what it was like for him to work with Gizmo.

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