That Guy Actor of the Week: Noah Blake

Does anyone remember the funny white rapper in the movie Teen Witch????  His name in the movie is “Rhet,” yes Rhet. Whatever the hell that means. Second of all his real name is Noah Blake. What’s really hard to believe is that he’s now 45 years old and even harder is that he’s the son of Robert Blake.

Amazingly enough he’s still acting and does mainly video games voice overs, and usually has bit parts in television shows. I’m confused as to why he didn’t become a big star after Teen Witch. Oh well.    Maybe this scene wasn’t as appreciated as much I it should have been……


OK first of all this has got to be one of the most underrated classic unintentional comedic moments in cinematic history. Second of all I can’t believe I actually got the actor’s name who played this guy.

“Look at how funky he is.”

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