That Guy Actor of the Week: Michael Pena

Michael Pena is one of those guys you’ll always recognize on television or in a movie but somehow you kind of forget about him afterwards.   Those are just the characters he tends to play.  Still though, I’ve always liked Pena in just about everything.  And yes, I’ll even include his role as Alejandro in Moesha!

Seriously though, you guys might recognize Pena for his small but awesome role in Crash.  He played a cool role of Jesus in The Lincoln Lawyer and he’s got about 5 movies in pre and post production right now.   Hopefully he’ll land some bigger spots in the future.

Anyway, we like this guy.  A clip of Pena after the jump…


This was an great scene in Crash.


  • David R

    Heh. As soon as I saw who this post was about I thought of that clip. Well done.

  • Monchofos

    My favourite flick with Peña is The Lucky Ones. He acts like a total prick with a stick really up his ass but during the movie not only he little by little fleshed out but near the end something about him is revealed and you cant help but feel sympathetic. Its also a fun little role for Rachel McAdams who plays this weird little peppy chick named Colee.

  • GrandWazoo

    I thought of him from Crash, which is unfortunate because I abhor that movie. It’s not even the movie itself, it’s how it was treated. That came out my freshman year of college, and I’m pretty sure my university organized viewing of it every week for the entire year, most in the quad directly outside my dorm window.

  • eLTeezy

    He was the best part of Observe and Report! Pretty much the only redeeming thing in that whole movie.

  • Mark Miller

    He is a really good actor, I just fished writing 1000 words as part of an essay on Crash on why his character Daniel is actually the most morally bankrupt of the group. Crash would certainly have been a tough role for someone with little experience but he pulled off perfectly.

  • Jonathan

    Spoilers for Observe and Report, but another great scene: