That Guy Actor of the Week: James Gammon

I’m always upset when I find out an actor died and I never knew about it.   Hell I doubt James Gammon even got a clip at the Oscars back in 2011.   But at the age of 70 he unfortunately passed away.  What’s more disappointing is that I don’t think we ever gave Gammon a nod on this site.

I know I’ve mentioned him but probably not enough.  Anyway, Gammon is best known to us guys as the man who played Lou Brown in Major League.  Personally I think he was one of the best coaches in any movie ever.  Gammon was known for his gruff manly voice and appearance and his roles were suited well towards that persona.

In his later years he did mostly TV but we’ll always love him for Lou Brown.   A clip of Gammon after the jump


The very best of Lou Brown!

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