That Guy Actor of the Week: Jack O’Halloran

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t put this together.   I was watching Dragnet the other day (very underrated movie by the way) and one of my favorite characters is Emil Muzz.   The only real reason I liked him is because of his name.  Still though, this guy was awesome.   Only until I went on Jack O’Halloran’s IMDB Profile did I see that this is the same dude who was in Superman and Superman II!   He played “Non.”   You know, the dumb one of the three weirdos in black.

Anway, other that that O’Halloran isn’t really a huge name.   In fact he doesn’t really even do much these days.  And with only 23 credits to his title I think this might be the record for least appearances for a “That guy Actor of the Week.”  Still though, when you play Emil Muzz and Non?  You get the nod on here.

Check out a clip of O’Hallaran after the jump….


Here’s a slightly different version from the movie version in Superman II when they go into the Whitehouse.

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