That Guy Actor of the Week: Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt is one guy who I guarantee 99% of you do not know by name which is exactly why he’s up here.   It’s hard to describe the type of role that Garrett finds himself in.   But let me try.   Dillahunt is a good looking guy who finds himself in a good looking role but also one of a mischievous nature.   I can’t really describe it.  There’s just always something a little peculiar about his characters.

Anyway, Garret’s got 54 titles to his name.   He’s done a lot of television recently.  In terms of roles I liked him in, I’d have to include No Country for Old Men, and his psychotic character in The Believer.

That’s about all I got.  A clip of Garret after the jump


I didn’t know he had psycho fans out there

  • Alex

    I am the 1%, only because I watch Raising Hope

  • XenoIrish

    He also had 2 different roles in Deadwood, i guess they liked him too.

  • Pijus

    I know his name. He was in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He is awesome indeed.

  • Ed

    He was in The Last House on the Left too! The remake IIRC

  • truant

    i think i’m also in that minority that knew him by name. i really liked him in the Terminator series, and then started seeing him everywhere. Burn Notice, Lie to Me, No Country, etc. when i saw he had a regular role in Raising Hope, i was really happy for the guy. he seems like the hard working type; good to see him finding good roles.

  • BenC

    He’s hilarious on Raising Hope.

  • i liked him in life

  • Bert

    I’m in the 1% too. He was fantastic on Deadwood.

  • Rosstopher

    This guy is more famous than you give him credit for. Raising Hope is the most underrated comedy on tv. 1% ftw

  • Willie McCoy

    He was also a great villain on the TV show “Life”

  • Daithi

    Love him on Raising Hope .. wonderfully funny character ! Check him out on Deadwood … the complete opposite ! An excellent actor in my opinion.

  • anon

    One of the most convincing terminators ever.

  • Daywalker27

    Yeah Dillahunt is a great actor. His character, Simon, on Burn Notice is so twisted and evil. When you see him on Raising Hope as a dumb but good hearted father you think WTF! The characters are total opposites, but Garret pulls them both off.