That Girl Actor of the Week: Alfre Woodard

You’ve seen her in plenty of movies and on television.  She never really stars in anything but she always seems to play her parts particularly well.   You might think that if she weren’t in the movies she’s been in it wouldn’t matter but an actress like Alfre Woodard is exactly what movies and television needs.

She takes up the necessary parts needed to complete a movie.   And she’s extremely good at it too.   In my own history I really liked her in the movies Scrooged and Mumford.  But Woodard’s got a big resume that shows nearly 100 titles to her credit.

Plus Woodard happens to be a great stage actor too.   Today you might know her as Ruby Jean Reynolds in Trueblood.   But Woodard goes back to a TV movie in 1978.

A clip of Woodard after the jump….


A solid tribute film.


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