Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Teddy Beckerstead in One Crazy Summer


One of my favorite topics to discuss in the entire world is 80s movies.  I’ve made this comment about a million times when I’ve said that they just don’t make movies like they did in the 80s.  From the music to the hairstyles, to blatant showing of nudity in comedies, I just don’t think our generation holds a candle to the 80s.

Another thing the 80s held was the movie villain.  There were some fantastic movie villains back then and I think an overlooked one has got to be Teddy Beckersted (played by Matt Mulhern) in One Crazy Summer.   Blond hair, handsome, a prick, and overall funny character.  You might also remember Mulhern in the movie Biloxi Blues where he was damned funny as well.

In any event,  I just wanted us to all pay our respects to this great character.  And let’s not forget a bald Jeremy Piven in his 20s here.  How awesome is that?  He has WAY more hair now.

The trailer for One Crazy Summer is after the jump


Will there ever be another Bobcat Goldthwait?  No way.

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