“That Guy” Actor of the Day: Stephen Tobolowsky


Welcome back to the “That Guy Actor of the Day” column.  It’s where we take a look at people whose faces you 100% recognize but you never seem to get their real names right.  Today we’re going to focus on one of the most annoying movie characters in history: Ned Ryerson AKA Stephen Tobolowsky.   Remember the guy who kept coming up to Bill Murray that we all hated?  But there’s just so much more to Tobolowsky and his range.  If any of you watched the show Californication you might notice that he played a producer who claimed to be “hung like a moose.”   Stephen Tobolowsky has actually been acting since 1976.

The guy has nearly 250 acting credits to his name.   While he’s never been the star of any movie he’s managed to form a very solid career for himself.  Most recently he does the voices for a zillion cartoon characters.  His first credit dates all the way back to 1976 and Tobolowsky’s been around ever since.  Most recently you’ve seen him on Fuller House, The Goldbergs, Silicon Valley, and a bunch of others.

My personal favorite character of his is Tor on an episode of Seinfeld.  He played a wacked out holistic healer trying to help George in the episode where he needed to get his tonsils out.  In any event, here’s to Stephen Tobolowsky keeping it strong.  And of course we have clips.

All The Ned Scenes from Groundhog Day

Tor In Seinfeld



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