Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Scarface in Half Baked


Half Baked is clearly very “high” in the stratosphere of great stoner movies. In my eyes it’s easily in the top ten all time. One of the reasons it’s so good isn’t simply because of an awesome young Dave Chappelle. It’s because of the supporting cast (even though Jim Breuer was atrocious).

Speaking of supporting cast. Let’s give credit to Guillermo Diaz for playing the role of Scarface. Nowadays whenever I see Guillermo I can’t help but think of this amazing character. It’s almost unfair because I’ll always be thinking of him working in the fast food restaurant. Although you can catch Guillermo right now in Cop Out as a dude named “Poh Boy.”

In any event I just want to give credit to one of the funnier supporting characters out there. Scarface, you rule.

For a very entertaining 5 minutes of cinema history check out Scarface’s shining moments after the jump

I would give anything to be the guy that casted the “you’re cool” guy.

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