Obscure Movie Characters We Love: Sandy Lyle in Along Came Polly


Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say that Philip Seymour Hoffman in anything is obscure but come on.  You didn’t know that his character’s name in the movie is Sandy Lyle and I’m not sure many of you were thinking of this character to add to our column.  So let’s get into it.

Hoffman’s character, Sandy, is a former child star who clearly can’t get over his past.  In fact he continues to try and use his past as a way to legitimize himself in the present (which doesn’t work at all).  This inevitably leads to ridiculously awesome comedy and one liners that I will use until the day I die.

In fact, we never offcially know if he’s employed as all he does is star in some play that doesn’t matter…at all.  But there are two main reasons we should honor this character….

#1 – The Term “Shart.”

Yup.  It was Sandy Lyle who invented the word “shart” which is a slight combination of a fart and a little doo doo residue coming out as the person farts.  It leads Sandy into a very bad situation where he must immediately exit a party and let’s just say that scene is nothing short of spectacular.

#2 –  This scene


“Let it Rain!”  Man I love this scene.  From the shirts and skins to Sandy throwing up brick after brick you’ve gotta appreciate how awesome this is.

So join me in talking about how awesome Sandy Lyle is.


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