That Guy Actor of the Week: Robert Prosky

Even though it was a bit role, as I watched Rudy for the 150th time yesterday (because it’s been on cable every single day this month) I was reminded how much I like Robert Prosky.  I guess I should say “liked” because unfortunately Prosky passed away in 2008.  But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a spot on here.

Prosky was a great character actor and had a very calming, yet imposing demeanor about him.  I loved in him The Natural as the judge and yet you see a completely funny side of him in movies like Gremlins 2 and The Great Outdoors.   Surprisingly Prosky only had 74 credits to his name but you can be sure you always recognized him when you saw him.  You probably just didn’t know his name.

Well, here’s to Robert Prosky and a bunch of great roles that he took.  A clip of the man after the jump….


This guy was great.


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