An Open Letter to Chris Owen: The Shermanator

Chris Owen

Dear Chris,

On behalf of the staff here at Unreality I’d just like to commend you on your tremendous success in the acting world.  Most people who are true film critics might not give you much credit for being a conventionally successful actor, but I’m here to set them straight.  When the ad went out for the movie Angus in 1995 (for a very dorky looking sidekick) you didn’t turn your head the other way.  You merely said, “dammit I’m gonna be the best ugly, weird, yet lovable sidekick in the whole wide world.”

And then four years went by.  You had been drifting along taking small roles here and there.   But alas, another casting call ad went out.  “Looking for ridiculous gawky, red haired freak to play a guy who everyone will instantly hate in this coming of age teen movie called American Pie.”   You took that ad and ran with it.  The Shermanator was born.

And since then?  Since that time you have milked every possible mile out of that character imaginable.  It got you into Van Wilder.  It got you into every single American Pie sequel known to man.  It’s gotten you into Hollywood parties.  And it’s probably gotten you laid more times than you should have.

So Chris.  Again, on behalf of our staff we’d like to congratulate you for making a living onscreen, a feat that most of us will never accomplish.  You have stretched one character into a career more than any actor on the planet.  Well done sir.  Well done.



  • Rob

    He got fucked up in The Mist lol.

  • Madison

    He looks a bit like Shaun White, wouldn’t you say?

  • EJ

    You forgot playing a dorky ugly kid in October Sky…

  • Jaromir

    Well thats Hollywood for ya. Kinda low to rip on a guy just b/c he has trouble finding work.

  • chelsea

    he was great as the klepto kid in Can’t Hardly Wait. also, he was great in October Sky which i think he even got an award for. all in all, he’s done more than you have.