Five Reasons Why My Wife Hates Juliette Lewis


On Friday afternoon I was sitting around thinking of something to write for today and I had absolutely nothing on my mind.  I went completely blank so I attempted to source my wife for ideas.  She admitted that this wasn’t her thing but I said “just try.”  So when she said “I hate Juliette Lewis” I figured why not?

So here are my wife’s (word for word) reasons for hating Juliette Lewis.

1.  “Ok, she dated Brad Pitt and he’s a million times hotter than she is.”

2.  “Ummm, I think she’s very unattractive, she’s so ugly.”

3.  “She used to be on this TV show, like in the 80s (I Married Dora), and that’s where I saw her and thought she was the worst actress ever.”

4.  “Can you help me?”

5.  “Her whiny, annoying voice.”

So there you have it.  My wife’s one hell of a muse.  Personally I’m not a huge fan of Lewis either.  I don’t really hate her but I can understand how that whiny, long, drawn out way of talking that she has can affect people.  Plus if you’ve ever seen her in the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape you will not like her, at all.  My wife just said “Oh my God yeah, that’s so true.”

P.S. I attached a very annoying music video after the jump


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