Movie Recommendation of the Week: Running Scared

Ah yes, this is taking me back to when I was a kid.   The movie Running Scared was on cable for at least 3 weeks during the month of September and I had to share it with you guys here.   Those of you that are younger probably haven’t seen this movie so I’m recommending it to you today.

I’ve got two words for you “Michael McDonald” and “Roller Skates.”  OK that’s not what the movie is about at all.  In fact the movie is vintage Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.  They play two fairly young Chicago cops who want to get out of the racket and open a bar in Miami.  Their last assignment is a drug dealer they though they’d pinned a while back (played by a young Jimmy Smits).

It’s classic 80s action drama/comedy.   And the dude who played Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite is in it!  Haha.  Seriously though, it’s a great movie and yes, it features Michael McDonald music as well as Crystal and Hines riding on 4 wheel old school roller skates.  Not to mention the clothing in this movie is phenomenal.

The trailer is after the jump….


Now don’t you want to see it?  Come on!


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