Movie Recommendation of the Week: Just one of the Guys

I believe I’ve mentioned this movie before on this site.   In fact I know I have.   It was mentioned both in a William Zabka article I did a few years back but was recently mentioned in an underappreciated movies piece we did.   While it wasn’t one of the recommendations I decided that Just One of the Guys needed its own space on this site.

Here’s a really funny short bio of the movie.  Terry believes her teachers don’t take her seriously, just because she’s a pretty girl. When she fails to win a journalism contest, she decides to switch schools – and gender so that her same submission for the contest gets equal praise as a guy.  She plays her role well and is accepted as one of the guys.  However then she meets Rick, likes him, and her whole world is switched upside down.

That description does no justice by the way.   You’ll find that this movie is one of the classic 80s comedies of our time.  It’s got William Zabka, which alone kicks ass.  It was a 3 second nudity part which is hilarious.   It’s got lame high school antics.   It has lame high school romance.  It has a funny little brother.  It’s got it all.  Trust me.  You need to see this movie.

Trailer after the jump….


Not to mention she looks like Ralph Macchio.



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