Movie Recommendation of the Week: Bad Boys

And no people, I’m not talking about the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence movies.   I’m talking about 1983 and I’m talking about Sean Penn.  If you haven’t heard of this movie then you really should.  It’s called Bad Boys and it truly kicks ass.

The movie takes place in Chicago and focuses on troubled youth.  A rising criminal, Mick O’Brien (played by Penn)  is sent to reform school after accidentally killing Paco Moreno’s (played by Esai Morales) kid brother.

Moreno takes revenge by raping O’Brien’s girlfriend so that he could get sent to prison to go after O’Brien.   Drama ensues and the movie is just awesome from beginning to end.   Great side characters.  Full of action.

Just an all around great prison flick.   Check out the trailer after the jump….


God I hate this trailer.  Gives the movie zero justice.  Trust me, it’s great.

  • Cube

    The guy who gets his head blasted with the radio is the Kurigan from Highlander. He now does the voice of Mr. Krabs on Sponge Bob Squarepants.

  • J5

    I wanted Sean Penn and his cell mate to die gruesom deaths. Cant stand whiney voiced Penn, but I like some of the movies he’s in later on.

  • Jake Stone

    Hey guys, remember the 80s?