Memorable Moments in Television: Get a Good Look Costanza?


Many of you may or may not know that my unequivocally favorite sitcom of all time is Seinfeld.   I still think that in my lifetime we will never see another show like it, nor as funny.   I don’t need to get into the how’s or why’s as to the show’s success.   I don’t have to get into what characters were funny and why.

I don’t need to bore you with every detail and an explanation to the show.   As far as I see it you were either a Seinfeld fan or you weren’t.  And if you were, you too probably thought it was one of the best shows of all time.   That I can still watch each episode today and find new things amazes me.

Another thing that amazes me is how many “before they were famous” appearances took place on the show.  The list is nearly endless.  And perhaps most memorable is this scene right here when a young Denise Richards plays the 16 year old daughter of an NBC executive.   George proceeds to take a “good look” at her.


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