The Megan Fox Playboy Countdown: “Jonah Hex Prostitute”

Megan Fox

I mentioned this a very long time ago and I realized that I should have been on the lookout for specific articles and statements made by Megan Fox that would inch her closer to doing a spread in Playboy.  So I decided to put this “Megan Fox Playboy Countdown” column together to highlight specific instances that I think will draw her closer to official nudity.

In her most recent interview, Fox talked about playing a prostitute in the movie Jonah Hex. “Everyone should do it at least once,” said Fox, suggesting that all actors should play prostitutes.  Fox had to wear a very tight corset during the film and was apparently uncomfortable.  My thoughts?  Just don’t wear anything Megan.  It’s much easier.

When asked about women in the wild west, Fox had this to say, “They did the child-rearing and as vocation or occupation — and unfortunately it was hard times — they were prostitutes. That’s just the reality of the time period.”

The full video is after the jump where Fox admits that playing a prostitute is a “right of passage.” If this isn’t one step closer to her finally baring all then I don’t know what is….


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