Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Meathead from Meatballs II


Of all the aliens I’ve ever seen in movies, Meathead is easily in my top five.  Most of the people who are reading this site were too young when Meatballs II came out.  Hell I was only just five but if any of you have had the pleasure of seeing this movie then you can appreciate the character Meathead who is clearly based off of E.T.

The movie loosely has a plot that Meathead is dropped off by his Jewish sounding parents and that he’s supposed to make friends.  He winds up hooking up with one of the cabins and a young group of boys who take to him.  Meathead has the ability to walk through walls, make people fly, and most importantly fart.

He also looks 100% made of clay and his arms kind of daggle like sticks.  The extent to how fake he looks make this character so appealing.  Not to mention his dialogue is better than any other character.

P.S. Paul Reubens is in this movie.  Amazingly I have a video of Meathead after the jump


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