“That Guy” Actor of the Week: Joe Flaherty


With exactly 101 acting credits to his name, Joe Flaherty deserves a spot in this column.  After all, I was watching Happy Gilmore the other day so I realized that the “ya jackass” guy had to be on here.  Besides, everyone knows Flaherty’s face when they see him.  However can you honestly say you knew this guy’s name before I just posted it on here?

I know I didn’t.  Little did I know that Flaherty has won 2 prime time emmy’s and has over 8 nominations for his acting.  Now you’ll probably recognize his voice as he does more cartoons than anything but he still gets those zany roles from time to time.

Personally I enjoyed him back in the 80s as General Raymond, or Ack Ack’s dad.  Flaherty’s been around since the 70s so it’s time he gets his due.

A clip of Flaherty after the jump


Man this Second City just churns out talent doesn’t it?


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