Memorable Moments in TV: Jim Carrey’s Ice Ice Baby


We’re so far removed from when Vanilla Ice was popular that it’s not even that interesting to discuss anymore.  Still though, the phenomenon that was Robert Van Winkle still kind of tickles me.

I mean we were a country that actually thought his M.C. Hammer pant wearing, “I’m Blacker than Black guys” attitude (symbolized by him dancing with black guys and being the head guy) was cool.

Well there’s one show that put an absolute mockery stamp on all of that.  And it was In Living Color.  And who better than to complete the transaction than Jim Carrey?  What a great moment this was.

  • Adam

    I remember watching this on TV as a kid. It’s still funny to me.

  • Marcus

    Can’t beat the real man though, especially ON ice:

  • Javier

    his take on white rappers from the ’90s is hilarious…look for his spoof on Snow also from In Living Color..

    man, what I’d give to see him still doing this sort of things with this generation’s music, like Eminem for instance