Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Stan in The Rocker


Have any of you seen The Rocker?  I gotta say I kind of liked that movie.  It was just a feel good movie that wasn’t particularly amazing but it didn’t really mess up at all.  And I thought that Rainn Wilson did a very good job as a lead actor in a comedy.  Plus you have to admit that while the songs were very crybaby college music, they were very catchy.

And perhaps one of the least known characters of the movie happened to be my favorite.  It was the character “Stan” played by Jeff Garlin.  Stan is your typical “beat down” husband in a crappy job who really doesn’t have much in his life.  But he clings to trying to be cool by living through Fishman (Wilson’s character).

So you’ll kind of see him doing funny rocker type gestures and cheering Fishman on.  It’s really quite a spectacle and I think that Garlin played it perfectly.

Unfortunately I have no videos to support this greatness but let’s just say his character was awesome.

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