Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Happy Hour

I’ve made plenty of cracks about how much I love 80s movies on this site.   But I truly think that no genre is better than the 80s comedy that is completely stupid, over the top, and of course has a ton of beautiful women.  Say hello to Happy Hour.  Let us please not get confused with the 2001 Happy Hour which is 100% different.   This is pure 1987.   Plot please?

A chemist experimenting with different formulas stumbles upon an ingredient that, when added to beer, makes it absolutely irresistible. Before he realizes it, an international spy is after him to try to get the formula for himself.

Needless to say the irresistible part obviously comes with a ton of unnecessary nudity and dumb lines.   Of course the international spy part comes with pure stupidity.   However, if you’re just looking to be entertained at 2AM then this is a great choice.

Trailer after the jump….


Ah yes, I forgot to mention that Tawny Kitaen is in this movie.   Thumbs up!

  • john v.

    hmmm, I don’t remember that one…. which is shocking because it’s right up my alley.

  • JoeandMarysOtherSon

    I bought this video for a buck from the local video store a few years back.

  • This was called SOUR GRAPES in Australia – and they really pushed the guy from MASH – who played Klinger (even though he was only in it for about 3 minutes from memory). I’ll have to try and find this again. The promo seems to have extra stuff in it that wasn’t in the moviie playing here.