That Guy Actor of the Week: Elias Koteas

Anyone who watches movies recognizes Elias Koteas.   But it’s where you recognize him that means something.    To most of the viewers of this site he’ll always be Casey from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.   But to me he’ll always be the detention filled Duncan in Some Kind of Wonderful.

But no matter where you’ve seen Elias, you’ve seen him.   It could be that bit part he had in Gattaca, or the psycho role he had in Fallen.  Or how about his perverted character in Crash (the one about car crash fetishism)?   The list goes on as Elias has 77 credits to his name.

Personally I’m going with Duncan as my favorite role and as such here is a clip of him as Duncan after the jump…..


How awesome is this guy?  He’s supposed to be high school here?  Hahahaha.


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