Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Chucky Miller in Can’t Buy Me Love


Before he was playing a lame ass teen in Airborne, and before he was being shushed by Dr Evil in all the Auston Powers movies Seth Green did his fair share of child acting.  But in my eyes, there was no better role than that of Chucky Miller in Can’t Buy Me Love.

Green played the obnoxious and invasive little brother to Ronald Miller played by Patrick Dempsey.  Not only was this movie a total cult classic but Seth Green takes part in not one but two classic fart scenes in cinema.

The first is when he gets drilled while hiding in the car.  The second is when he is spying on a party and the guy lets one rip through the window.

But it’s not just that.  It was the red hair.  It was the attitude.  It was the demeanor that earns Green a spot on this featured column.  Chucky  Miller is definitely one of the best little brother/child roles in any movie, ever.

Of course I have some evidence after the jump

“Now That Ain’t Dick Clark”


  • Madison

    Gotta love the over-sized sweatshirt.

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  • Cheryl

    I agree – Seth Green is awesome. Can’t Hardly Wait will forever be in my top 10 because of him!

  • warren

    props for mentioning airborne, like my favorite movie from the 90’s!