Crappy Must See Movie Recommendation of the Week: Aloha Summer

I must say I don’t like calling Aloha Summer a crappy movie because in all honesty I absolutely love this movie.   As in I sincerely like this movie but not in a make fun of kind of a way.  I like it because I genuinely like it.   However, I did recently watch it and seeing it as a man over the age of 30 versus the first time I saw it which was I believe in high school, you can tell it isn’t the best cinematical masterpiece.

However it does have some amazing qualities.  Chris Makepeace is the star (and you might remember him from Meatball) and plays a guy who goes on a summer vacation to Hawaii with his parents.  Along the way he falls in love, makes great friends with another American, a Japanese guy (who played the bad guy in Karate Kid II) and some locals.  And P.S. this is Tia Carrere’s first movie.

It’s a tale of friendship and a bunch of guys who found adventure and passion through surfing.   Other than that it’s just all around fun.  I highly recommend you guys see this.

The trailer is after the jump….


Wow, even the grainy quality is great.